Icon Design: The Basics

Nice little icon designs that add flavor to your web page while helping to direct users to different areas of interest. While most websites do not require a ton of icons, they usually require a few and create a seemingly simple design can be much more complicated than you think.

Why Use Icons
Icons used in the design of your web page to add a visual element to your content. While paragraph after paragraph of text will eventually get boring and readers will lose interest, by adding icons to break up the text and accents you can keep your reader's attention again.

They are also used in places such as the header page, table of contents, list of products, and in general bullet points. Used in this place, the icon adds to the charm of your text and highlight what you are selling or say.

Icons can go a long way in making a website a professional look and feel from the first sight. They show your readers that you care about even the small details of your business. When designed properly, they add to your site, not distract from it, and they should be made to go with the flow and feel of your website and other company graphics to increase brand recognition.

Make Your Own Icon
Make your own design icon may seem like a simple task, they really so small? Wrong. For this small graphic detail design, it takes a lot of thought and design knowledge. Usually they are designed in a program like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. If you do not have knowledge of this or similar design software then designing the icon itself is not possible.

FREE icon
One option to get the icons without actually have to design them yourself is to download it for free. There are many sites that offer free icons for download. For offers thousands that you can download for free and used with various computer systems. However, there are a few catches to get them in this way. Many sites that offer free icons makes you give credit to the site on your web page in which it is used. Another allows you to download icons for personal use, but make you pay a license fee if you plan to use a commercially viable manner such as on a website. Finally, as other design elements such as logos, everyone has access to the same free choice that you have access to. This means that they may be being used by many other people and not custom or original for your website.

Custom Icon Design
If you do not have design skills or software to design your own, and you do not want to use the free ones that everyone has access to, a good option for you is to work with to get custom design services designed icons. This type of service is good because you will not have an icon like everyone else, you will not have to give credit to other websites on your site, and you can get a special design icons that correspond to the exact nuances of your website and brand.